Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Food That Burns Fat

Researchers have found a way you can lose weight without dieting or exercising. The Adelaide team has isolated different chemicals found in green tea, cocoa, red grapes and fish which help burn fat. Obese people, fed supplements of these polyphenols, lost 2kg over 12 weeks, without otherwise altering diet or lifestyle.“If you take the green tea polyphenols while you’re eating a high-fat diet they protect you against the development of body fat,” University of South Australia Professor Jon Buckley said.“If you eat them while you’re trying to lose weight they’ll strip weight off.”

These nutrients alter the “machinery” inside muscle tissue to burn more fat and could be a powerful

Professor Buckley, the deputy director of the Nutritional Physiology Research Centre, said overseas trials showed that even in a high-fat diet, incorporating flavonols (in green tea and cocoa) and omega 3 fatty acids reduced body fat.