Wednesday, September 27, 2006

What Body Type are You?

According to one popular theory there are three basic body types and to some extent personality can be determined by your body type:

The Endomorph is a body type that naturally tends to be overweight. These body types are assumed to have a greater love of comfort and luxury and they are more tolerant than the other two body types.

The Mesomorph is the muscular body type. These people are naturally endowed with more muscle and their respective personality is thought to be more dynamic, energetic, competitive and inclined to take risks.

The Ectomorph is the naturally slender person. They are thought to be more artistic, introverted and sensitive than the other two types.

What I think about that? That's bullshit. Why? Because every person is unique. There are a lot of training books which give 3 different programs for body types above. I think every person who want to have program for himself should tries all kinds of exercises and works out what balance better for him.