Friday, September 29, 2006

Top 8 Tips To Become Fit

Fitness is a combination of speed, endurance, flexibility, and strength. It enables people to perform well in both everyday tasks and vigorous physical activities. So how do you achieve that? How do you stay in good health, or obtain good health


  1. A balanced diet, regular exercise, relaxation and sufficient sleep are all necessary for good health.
  2. Being physically fit has a number of benefits. Regular exercise strengthens and improves the heart and lungs. It also helps people maintain their proper weight.
  3. A thirty-minute workout is sufficient for someone beginning an exercise program.
  4. Exercising four times a week is more than enough to maintain a good level of fitness.
  5. As fitness improves exercise should be increased in difficulty and duration. This will ensure that the level of fitness continues to improve.
  6. A complete workout includes three different types of exercise. The first is flexibility exercise, which includes stretching and loosening the body and muscles. The next is endurance exercise such as jogging or swimming. The third type of exercise is strength exercise; it involves weightlifting and body work. All three types of exercise can be very inexpensive, as they have no need for extra or fancy equipment.
  7. A healthy lifestyle is achieved through plenty of sleep, a good diet, regular medical and dental checkups, and personal cleanliness.
  8. So if you follow the above rules, regardless of age, the fitness you have makes you look better, feel better, and work better.


  • Fitness can often slow the process of aging.
  • Fitness improves as exercise becomes more frequent.
  • Good health is not difficult to obtain. In fact, it can become an easy and enjoyable part of almost anyone's life.
  • The peak period for physical fitness is the time between puberty and middle age.
  • How often and how vigorously exercises are done can determine the level of a person's physical fitness.
  • Strength exercises involve building up the body. These exercises include push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups.
  • The benefits of a healthy lifestyle and physical fitness are easy to obtain with a small amount of know-how and a serious commitment. If you have decided that you're going to work out, you have to follow it, however, many people are able to find excuses to ignore the routine.
  • The advantages of having good health and fitness are well worth the time and energy they require.


  • The bending, turning, and stretching of flexibility exercises strengthen the connective tissues and joints of the body. When muscles and joints are loosened, it minimizes the risk of injury in vigorous sports and helps to relieve muscle soreness. So flexibilty exercises are very important before and after workouts.